Probably you already read a lot stories about the new M1 Apple Silicon Series of Mac’s… so I will not bore you with technical details, how SOC’s actually work, what’s the difference between CISC and RISC, and make it short:

It is fast, it is super light-weight, it does it’s job, it outperforms Intel MacBook Pro’s (13"), it is not as pricey as an Intel MacBook

For a couple of weeks I’m mainly working with this new little beast and it did not let me hang a minute. All my workflows perfectly work out on this machine: whether it be…

I jinxed it.

last week, my boss and I were talking about legacy code, technical depth, etc. when I mentioned that I’m proud about an Application I build for a former client, which ran without an incident or production errors for over 4 years.

Yet, one of the most IT-Wisdoms came true once again — never change a running system…

My former client reached out to me a day later, after I had this little conversation with my boss, letting me know that there is a new EU-Regulation in place and we have to modify a little, small function within the application we…

You all did a great Job! All the things you moved in such a short time, is just fabulous. Amazing. Way to often not valued. You are amazing!

Usually: One year is not time. But this year also felt like no year, or more than one year: It depends on who you ask.

But you all rocked. You drove the digital transformation. You made it happen!

In every company, in every corporation, in every municipal office, on federal levels, within governments, everywhere. And with everywhere, I really mean everywhere. …

“Kunst liegt im Auge des Betrachters” — What I like must not appeal to you.

See the magic between Sunrise and Noon to Sunset, thanks to some math and its appliance to make your Desktop more vivid. You may ask: what’s the difference between calculating the sun position and plainly using the clock to change Wallpapers? Well, to put it in simple words: during the year, the Sun position is different from day to day and would leave the impression of dark wallpapers even if the sun did not set. …

I call them Extensions because they just compliment the OS.

Not a fancy Buzzfeed List. Okay, maybe it is. ;)


$4.99 — This is by far the best and easiest to use macOS Window “Manager” on the market. It will bring back flexibility when working with windows like it did when you might ever worked with Windows (7 upwards). And for $4.99 you can’t really make a mistake. I really think, this mac app should be pre-installed on all Macs — especially on all corporate Macs.

This year was full of challenges, many social obstacles, and we had to adopt new behaviours almost every other month — even in the fast track technologic ever-changing world we’re already living in, this year brought the most changes to all of us — across the globe.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

So we’d like to get together with our family, relatives, friends and other on Christmas (or the holidays in general); but not this year: no one really would like to spent 10 days at least in quarantine (especially if your family lives abroad — like my mum: which would result…

Hey Microsoft! The name Bing does no good. It may feel like a well recognised brand, but it’s not; and I will name a couple of reasons in short. So, to make it short: please rename Bing to Cortana.

Why do I “care”?

A couple of weeks ago my mother reached out to me telling me, that she got a new computer to better work remote. …

For a very long time I would not have thought about using a Microsoft Browser anymore. Really — this was a no go. But Microsoft Edge flipped the coin. The time is gone where you used Internet Explorer (Edge) just to download Chrome. This browser is based on Chromium!

I’d rather call my self a Firefox user; and I still love the Firefox browser — but damn has Microsoft changed the way a good browser should behave. Especially for the casual user this Browser could be the next go to choice; especially on the mac. Yes I’m talking about you…

Patric Lee Atrott

Senior Employee Tech Engineer @scout24. // OKR Champion // Agile Coach Student // It's all about ONES and ZEROS; so lean back and relax. // Cheers!

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