How I tricked myself into cracking my own legacy App — and failed.

I jinxed it.

last week, my boss and I were talking about legacy code, technical depth, etc. when I mentioned that I’m proud about an Application I build for a former client, which ran without an incident or production errors for over 4 years.

[Authors Image: simplified release flow, on the things that happen to deliver]
[Authors Image: now it’s time to move on with next approach]
[Authors Image: Failed Attempt -> let’s move on!]
[SpongeBob SquarePants Meme]
[Authors Image: 64 Bit compiled with no code modifications, a graphical disaster]

What now? What did I learn during this challenge?

First of all: that I write damn good code that still runs for over four years without incidents, errors, or complications — which can be easily modified.



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Patric Lee Atrott

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